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Empire Pavers’ Warranty

Empire Pavers is committed to offering you the best results in all types of installation, restoration or construction of your outdoor living space. To do so, we provide top quality products and install them with the qualified service of our team. All services and products offered by Empire Pavers have the guarantee of exclusivity in their finish, and excellence in the execution of a stunning space. It is worth remembering that we have several land analysis, product analysis and service execution inspections to ensure that you have peace of mind from the beginning of your project.

If you have any problems with the service performed by our team or the quality of some of our products, we will return to your home to analyze what happened and we will make all necessary repairs. All questions can be answered over the phone at + 1 (415) 612-3099 or via email

How to proceed after you have noticed a problem?

If you notice any discrepancy or damage regarding the service provided, immediately open a written detailed claim by email at We will send our team back to your home to understand your concern. After a careful inspection, if Empire Pavers’ technical responsibility is proven, regarding workmanship, we will cover all expenses necessary for replacement or repair as provided under warranty.

Empire Pavers will not be held responsible for any consequences presented due to misuse, climatic and atmospheric changes. Only products and services that are covered according to the original contract and inspected by Empire Pavers’ team that proves that the product has not been tampered with will be under warranty. We emphasize that we are not responsible for any type of incidental damages or resulting from the violation of the warranty established in common agreement. We also inform you that dissatisfaction with the service performed is not covered under your warranty, only technical failures identified by Empire Pavers.


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