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Getting an estimate with our team is free and easy. When you contact us by phone or email, we will schedule a visit with one of our Outdoor Specialists. They will talk to you about your project, take measurements, and give you a detailed estimate.

When you hire Empire Pavers you get peace of mind and a Free 3D Design Consultation. We want you to love your space and it helps when you can visualize the space before we get started.

Before choosing the material, you need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best for your project? Pavers are more durable, easy to maintain, tend to not crack over time, but tend to fade and cost a little more. Concrete, on the other hand, is cheaper, does not tend to fade its color, but it does not have simple maintenance and it doesn’t last as long as pavers.

If any pavers present problems over time, such as cracks, faded color, etc, you can replace that individual piece. It’s not necessary to redo the whole space.

Absolutely! The installation of pavers on your pool decking ensures a non-slip surface for the area. Pavers also facilitate the water flow between the stones.

Pavers can be installed over an existing hardscape, as long as it is a flat, clean surface. This is called an “Overlay”

Make sure they are installed in open areas at a safe distance from any structures. Make sure that it is stalled on a flat and solid surface.

The installation of artificial turf helps you save on water and time. The maintenance is easy and it always looks fresh.

We recommend the installation of retaining walls in outdoor spaces where there are slopes in the ground, so your space will be protected from erosion and landslides.

Water Features help you to further enhance your outdoor space and add relaxing properties to the environment.

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